How to create a fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook recently launched a fundraiser tool for nonprofits, where organizations can raise money directly from the News Feed and use the Donate button.

Facebook’s new tool now lets ordinary users create pages to collect donations for a nonprofit they choose and set fundraising goals.

In the coming weeks, the feature will be rolled out to all verified Business Pages in the United States. Live broadcast viewers will be able to donate right as they’re watching videos or afterwards, once those broadcasts are saved to the Page.

According to The Verge, the company is not keeping any part of the funds raised, yet “that doesn’t mean a fundraiser’s creator gets to keep all of the money raised.” Think “payment processing fees, fundraiser vetting, and security and fraud protection.”

Some restrictions come with the fundraising feature. Facebook will only allow individuals who are 18 years and above to raise funds for needs in the following categories: education, medical, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergencies (such as theft or an accident), funeral and loss. As the company tests and refines the feature, there will be a 24-hour review process. More categories are expected be added later.

You can get started on the feature at

Similar to its other fundraising products, users visiting the personal campaigns can click buttons to invite friends, share the campaign or click the big, blue button to donate money while remaining on the site.

To create a fundraiser for a nonprofit:
  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click + Create Fundraiser.
  3. Select Nonprofit.
  4. Search for a nonprofit, then choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
  5. Click Create.
To Add a donate button to your Page header
  1. Go to your nonprofit page (as an Admin).
  2. Select ‘Add a button’ and then you hover over and select ‘Edit call to action’.
  3. Select Donate through the drop-down:* Select donate through Facebook if you’ve applied.
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