Diamond’s New Baby mama tells Zari to Leave Diamond Alone – Cat Fight

Hamisa Mobetto: Zari leave my Diamond alone, am in charge

Diamond's Baby mama drama

Tanzanian singer Diamond platnumz and his Ugandan girlfriend and baby mama Zari hassan could soon officially split, with the drama that is coming from the other baby mama.

Tanzanian socialite and video vixen Hamisa Mabetto is even threatening to hasten the process having travelled to Uganda to ask Zari to leave Diamond alone as the two are now an item.

Zari Hassan

Zari says she is ready to move on if the relationship does not work, this giving a signal that the two could be parting ways. She goes ahead to downplay the three-year-old relationship terming it a probation.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is on probation and is managing well so far. I can even date 100 men because I love being loved, even if I leave Diamond today I will date someone else tomorrow. Diamond is still fighting to live up to my standards…” Zari said during a radio interview.

Hamisa Mobetto new baby mama

For months, Hamisa Mabetto and Diamond have been seeing each other and the Tanzanian girl says she is now fully in charge of the superstar.

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