Men, These Are The SECRETS Women Hide From You!

You Think you know her so well? No!!

It is close to impossible for a man to claim he knows his woman very well. Women don’t even know their fellow women that well. They know how to keep secrets and live with them for as long as it remains best being a secret.

We are not provoking you to go asking them or probing them to speak about the things they are hiding from you. Something you do not know cannot harm you they say, who cares? As long as you live happily ever after! We found out some of the secrets that women keep from you just for your information;

Got an Abortion – Getting an abortion is one of those decisions some women make without involving a single person. not even the father of the unborn child.

Abortion is a sin according to the bible. No man feels happy to hear that a lady got rid of his baby. That shows she is evil and doesn’t love you. Only a fellow evil man would agree to abortion. Unless the suggestion comes from a doctor on medical grounds to save the life of the lady, it is not a cool thing at all. This is why a lady who has done such can never open her mouth about it at all!

women think about sex just as often as you do

Sex – Believe it or not, women think about sex just as often as you do — if not more. When you get home after a long day at the office and we say we’re “too tired” to make love, we’re not lying. The secret is that we thought about it all day and would have loved it if you stopped in for lunch.

Previous Partners – With the present generation’s easy to hook up mentality, within five years, a woman will have slept with quite a number. And men even worse.

Women will never tell anything about their previous partners that will make the present on feel less of a man. so they will only tell you how better you are than the previous yet deep down he knows maybe they were better in bed and some other hands on dealings.

If you’ve ever asked a woman how many sexual partners she’s had, she has probably lied to you. Some women will tell you that they’ve had more partners than they’ve actually had while others will tell you that their number is much lower than it is. To be fair, men often take part in this dirty little secret as well.

This is a good secret kept because no man wants to here there is someone better than him when it comes to the real deal. even when deep down he could know there must be a better one.

Masturbation – Your wife/girlfriend/life partner masturbates. Sometimes she waits until you leave, sometimes she doesn’t care.

you will be shocked how many Women masturbate

Age Women fear the thought of getting beyond 30 years. they will do anything to keep themselves at 27 defiling all mathematical rules. even if that means lying to you forever.

She gets her first degree at 23, works for 10 years and gets married at 27! This is because women are not supposed to get old, no, not that fast! This should not even be among the questions to ask them in the first place, may be when you are celebrating the 40th anniversary in marriage is when you can tease her about age.

Love your Jealous – A woman may play it off like your jealous tendencies are annoying or ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is that we like when our guys are a little territorial. Of course, we don’t want you to overdo it, but we like to feel wanted and we may dial up the flirt a little bit to make sure you’re on your toes.

Payslip Top of the list when a woman is looking for a man, they look for “can he provide, how much does he earn, your payslip” But do not fool yourself, She won’t tell you hers. Your woman is heaven sent if she keeps updating you with the latest change in her pay check.

The ones we know who are working class have their payslips as a secret. If she happens to show you one, that is the one with errors like so many dubious deductions. My brother, just work hard to provide for the family because her payslip is hers alone and yours belongs to the whole house.

Women love it when you totally keep off their payslip 

Savings The other day some man fell into a comma after realising that the house he has been paying rent belonged to his wife! Women are crafty especially when it comes to savings. Even housewives who you provide for everything can beat you at your own game. They always have something hidden from you which come in handy on a rainy day.

Health Status  – When a woman is so desperately looking for a man, she will not let her underlying health issues make you run away. These conditions are normally genetic but no woman will let out information that will scare a man she loves away.

Men get scared when they here some conditions are within your family. But this is not one of those proud moments men have, let health never scare you away from an amazing person.

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