Naked Hindu Holy Man Pulls Van with his PENIS as Thousands gather for religious festival in India

A Hindu Monk pulls a heavy vehicle only with his genitals

The vehicle moves slowly past intrigued onlookers (Image: REX/Shutterstock)

We have attended many festivals with different activitie but not one with a Hindu monk pulling a van with his penis as hundreds of thousands gather for a religious festival in India.

The sadhu – a holy person in Hinduism and Jainism who has ‘renounced the worldly life’ – was spotted in Allahabad where revellers celebrated the Magh Mela.

The festival begins on the day of Makkar Sankranti in January, which is the first important bathing day, according to the Hindu calendar. Often sadhus perform at the celebration naked, in accordance with their beliefs.

hindu man pulling car with penis
A sadhu – a Hindu or Jainist holy man – performs a bizarre feat of strength to prove his spirituality during the annual Magh Mela festival in northern India

And sometimes this involves carrying, lifting or pulling heavy objects with their penis as a sign of great strength and technique.

In the pictures, a bearded sadhu, wearing just beads and sandals, crouches over and waves to the camera as he begins his feet.

Tire tracks can be seen in the dirt as the van slowly moves forward, attached only to the monk’s genitals.

Last year, a kung fu master who dragged seven cars with his penis became a new world record holder by towing a helicopter with his manhood.

hindu man pulls car with penis
Sadhus reject early pleasures in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and as such often shun wearing clothes altogether. They are known for performing strange or impressive feats of mental and physical strength

Normally, sadhus will perform feats of physical or mental strength as a display of their spirituality and mastery of yoga techniques, as the majority of them are also yogis.

Sometimes this involves lifting or carrying objects with the penis, though many other demonstrations take place.

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