Samsung Galaxy X; a FOLDABLE Phone

Is Samsung set to unveil its first FOLDABLE smartphone?

Galaxy X foldable phone gets listed in Samsung support

Back in CES 2013, Samsung showed us a glimpse of future in an advertisement of a product, a smartphone that could open up into a tablet. Four years down, it’s still future for most. However, this mught change soon. The company is expected to launch its first bendable phone next year; creating an all new product category.

One of Samsung’s devices with model number SM-G888N0, has been spotted on the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). The device seems like a mobile phone as it is listed as”radio equipment for global LTE communication” and the same device was classified under “smartphone” at the WiFi Alliance certification. Though there’s no official word on it, the device is being speculated to be named Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X; a FOLDABLE Phone 1
Though there’s no official word on it, the device is being speculated to be named Galaxy X.

Though the listing doesn’t indicate any existing product category it is highly expected that this device will be the first product to launch as a bendable smartphone-tablet.

Samsung has on many occasions demonstrated foldable or bendable displays but most of the products have been far from commercial standards. Samsung has been producing curved displays from quite some time and has single handedly dominated the market in that aspect.

Moving on to the next big thing will be very Samsung-like. The South Korean company was the first to launch the phablet category with the Note series and went on to launch the Edge displays which have refined into Infinity displays on the current flagship devices.

The Galaxy Note 8 was the most expensive device the company has ever made which started at a price of $930 in US. Considering this, the new product category might trump even the Note 8 in terms of pricing if Samsung decides to go commercial with it.

There might only be 100,000 units produced to gauge acceptance and manufacturing capacity. As to what will the Galaxy X look like and how will it behave, is anyone’s guess at this moment, though many Samsung patents have suggested fold-in display design with a special interface to match. Samsung may be prepping the foldable handsetfor reveal in time for the CES expo in January, or it could announce it at a dedicated event, but either way, we should know more pretty soon.

The question remains, though, whether such a phone will add value in a time when most major brands are going with all-screen device that have minimum bezels all around the display. Granted, you could theoretically unfurl a 5″ phone into a tablet size with a bendable display, but, given that we are now housing 6″ screens in the same footprint, the Galaxy X has to present a really compelling case for its existence, what do you think?

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