Wifi Is Working On My Phone but Not On My Laptop, pc – Fixer

Laptop can't access internet, but all other devices can?

How to re connect wifi on pc

Your wifi is working well on every other devices; phone, tablet, but cannot connect to your pc. It does not even show where to connect.

Here is an easy step by step picture guide to show you how to reconnect your laptop to wifi.

Step 1

Go to your PC’s Device manager, and double click.

device manager
Device Manager

Step 2

Click on/open Network adapters under device manager.

Network Adapters

Step 3

Open the wifi adapter under Network adpters.

WiFi Adapter

Step 4

Open Wifi Adapters and Click okay/ OK on the pop up.

click OK 

Give it 10 seconds before you click okay, then go to wifi newtwork and try to connect.

click on wifi and reconnect

Do the same process twice if the first one does not sort your problem, Give it more seconds before clicking okay on the adapter pop up.


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